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Denver, CO Medical & Recreational Dispensary

3899  Quentin Street
Denver, CO 80239

3899  Quentin Street
Denver, CO 80239


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Monday - Sunday
8:30am-10:15 pm

Kind Love Quentin became the second of the Kind Love stores in Colorado on April 11, 2022. Kind Love is one of the earliest cannabis pioneers in Colorado, and Colorado’s premier destination for all things quality cannabis.

Because of our dedication to high-end cannabis cultivation, Kind Love is well-known for our connoisseur flower, the most extensive selection of high-end concentrates, and the best cannabis-infused products in Denver. Our vertical integration from farm to end product, combined with our rigorous tracking and control of every aspect of the supply chain, ensure that our customers and patients always get the highest quality cannabis products available in the market.

Our team of industry experts are the trusted source for cannabis efficacy and advocacy in every area of our business. Our staff is exceptionally knowledgeable in all aspects of medical and recreational cannabis use, and we use our collective knowledge we've accumulated to offer you the best guidance and customer service.

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