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What is Turbocore?

Turbocore is a toothpick-shaped extract stick, made of FSE (Full Spectrum Extract), which has the ability to slide right into any joint, blunt,
cigarette, or spliff to immediately elevate the potency of it. At 100mg of FSE per unit, you can be sure that every hit you take will pack the
punch you’re looking for.

Turbocore’s Tech:

Turbocore’s micro-encapsulation technology harnesses the natural organic plant materials that make up the trichome head to stabilize the
extract in a form that makes it easier than ever for the consumer to manually infuse their own smoking experience. The Turbocore is made
from FSE, or Full Spectrum Extract. This means that the extract has the most authentic flavor profile possible, which honors the integrity of
the plant to the fullest degree. Furthermore, the FSE used in Turbocore comes straight from Kind Love’s award winning garden, in some of
our most popular and delicious strains!

Where can I find Turbocore?

  • Kind Love

  • Lightshade

  • Grow Life

  • EMJ's 

  • The Green House

  • Herbal Healing

  • The Herbal Center

  • The Dispo

What is Turbocore made from?
    3 materials, all vegan. Cannabis extract and a combination of saccharides meant to mimic the composition of the cuticular membrane of

the trichome shell.

How does the Turbocore become so rigid?
     The rigidity comes from the same group of materials that are used in rolling papers, they’re polysaccharides. Tasteless, flavorless, vegan,

plant-based, natural.

Why do we use these materials in the formulation?
     We use a microencapsulation technology. Cannabis has a high volatility and the saccharide constituents help to protect the sensitive

compounds like terpenes. The main benefit is a consistent product that is easy to use and intuitive. The constituents prevent the final product

from being sticky (it won’t melt in the car). Our technology allows for the cores to only release the constituents that are being heated in the

moment, so if you only smoke half the core, the rest is preserved.

How did the idea for Turbocore come about?
   The idea was to take a highly potent material and make it easier for the consumer to experience. The original product was quite different,

in fact; it was almost like a sphere of concentrate covered with the polysaccharides. Ultimately, the sphere wasn’t the right form factor for

joints, so we altered the form to mimic a toothpick so it would be convenient for people to use.

How long was the development process of the product? 
   3 years to complete. After developing the product, the machinery had to be dialed in. We did many tests and pilots, ratios, dosages, just to

understand the right combination of elements. The first market it arrived to was the European market, in the CBD category, in January 2021.

It’s now being sold in Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Holland, and several other countries.


Can I break it in half and smoke it?

○ Yes, Absolutely!

Can I dab the Turbocore?

No. We do NOT recommend dabbing the Turbocore. While technically it is safe, it’s not what it’s designed for. It will dirty your nail and likely

have an unfavorable flavor.

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